Turn your kid’s oral care routines into playtime

With our helpful parenting oral care tips, your kids will have healthy teeth and gums in no time. Plus, they’ll have fun doing it.

Picture perfect

Decorate the bathroom mirror to frame your children’s views as they stand in front of the sink. Or, place a mirror at their level so they can watch themselves in
the ACT® of oral care. Download and Print Picture Frames (color) or Picture Frames (b/w)


Let your children decorate toothbrushes, rinse cups or hand towels so they’ll have their own personal tools to use for their hygiene routine.

Count down

Set a two-minute timer when your child begins brushing and launch a countdown to healthy teeth. When it gets down to the last ten seconds, count out loud, and allow your child to spit just in time to beat the buzzer!

Tasty flavors

Offer your children flavored dental products. Toothpastes and fluoride rinses come in many kid-friendly varieties and offer a sweet treat for a clean mouth. BubbleGum BlowOut™, Ocean Berry Rinse featuring SpongeBob SquarePants, and Wild Watermelon are rinse flavors that taste great and might and might tickle your children’s taste buds.

Last laugh

Begin and end each day with a smile, and remind your child how much you enjoy theirs. Whether you’re on the way out the door or off to bed, make it a point to share a heartfelt laugh with your children. Because caring for your teeth is often the last ACT of getting ready for the day or night, and is the perfect time to integrate humor into your family’s routine.

Award rewards!

Offer incentives or certificates for a job well done. Then, chart the progress on an activity sheet to show how well your child keeps up with his or her oral care routine. Download and Print ACT Brushing / Rinsing Progress Chart and ACT Perfect Rinsing Award

Copy cat

Kids are born imitators. When they’re perfecting their oral hygiene skills, suggest they “watch and do as you do.” Demonstrate proper brushing, flossing and swishing techniques for them to do themselves.

Bulls eye

It’s important that kids don’t swallow excess toothpaste or fluoride rinse. So, create a cool target in the bathroom sink and have your children aim for that target when spitting.

Mess around

Take a little extra time during your oral care routing to let kids splash in the sink – make a mess and be silly! Write on the mirror with shaving cream, dab toothpaste on your nose or dance around the bathroom. It is during play that most of a child’s learning occurs, so go ahead and enjoy the little moments – everyone will reap the benefits!