Stop worrying, start swishing

With kids, you worry about everything — their health, schooling, safety…and their beautiful smiles. When you add great tasting ACT® Anticavity Fluoride Rinse to your family’s daily oral care regimen, you’ll have one less thing on your mind. Used daily along with brushing and flossing, ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rinse can deliver the power of fluoride to all of the surfaces of your children’s teeth to help prevent cavities, strengthen tooth enamel and protect the roots of teeth.

Healthy habits. Healthy teeth.

Tooth decay is a preventable health problem, yet it remains one of the most common chronic infectious diseases among children in the U.S. However, a daily dose of fluoride can help maintain healthy teeth and gums. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry supports and encourages the appropriate use of topical fluoride such as ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rinse. Click here to learn more about the power of fluoride and how it works.

Show them how it’s done.

Instruct children under 12 years old in good rinsing habits in order to minimize swallowing. Supervise children as necessary until they are capable of using the rinse without supervision. ACT Anticavity Rinses are not recommended for children under 6 years of age. And, of course, consult your dentist or doctor to learn more about proper oral care for children.

ACT® vs. Braces

Many children and teens will wear braces for at least a portion of their childhood. However, once the braces are removed, many children’s bright smiles are blemished by decalcification (white spots on teeth). ACT® can help prevent decalcification. Now that’s something to smile about!