Taking care of your smile with braces

Taking care of your smile is extra important while wearing braces. Proper oral hygiene is more difficult with braces and can cause issues you didn’t have to worry about before. Braces can trap food particles and bacteria, causing your smile to discolor and can even weaken your teeth leading to cavities and white spots. Remembering to brush twice each day and using ACT® Braces Care™ regularly can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. That’s because ACT® Braces Care™ has been specifically formulated with special cleansers that help loosen and remove particles from in and around your braces, plus fluoride to help strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.12

Beware of white spots

Brushing alone is not enough. Brushing may not be enough to prevent white spots caused by plaque. If left behind, plaque can still break down your teeth, a process called “demineralization”, which can lead to unsightly white spots that you may not notice until your braces are removed. Worst of all, this is most likely to happen on your front teeth where the white spots will be most noticeable.

ACT® Braces Care™ can help chemically reverse the demineralization process caused by the acids from plaque3 4 Reversing the chemical process strengthens your teeth and can help prevent white spots from forming in the first place. Don’t take chances with your smile and be sure to use Braces Care™ as directed – if you wait too long between uses the demineralization may no longer be reversible.